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Salesforce Vlocity: Reimagine Your Business Operations

May 13, 20245 min read

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Salesforce Vlocity: Reimagine Your Business Operations

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Are you tired of using a generic CRM system that doesn’t meet the specific needs of your business? If so, Salesforce Vlocity offers a customizable CRM ecosystem that can enhance your operations and productivity. This is a marvelous concept that Salesforce introduced in the market to provide industry-specific solutions. If you are not sure how you can consult and hire Salesforce experts, and see the results for yourself. 

What is Salesforce Vlocity?

Salesforce Vlocity is a powerful, cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) ecosystem. Vlocity enables businesses to streamline operations and improve their customer engagement activities with customizable solutions. Specifically, the platform helps businesses accelerate their digital transformation journey easily. The platform contains hundreds of pre-built customizable, industry-specific application templates for their business requirements – providing unmatched scalability, agility, and flexibility.

Why is Salesforce Vlocity important for business?

Customization is crucial for businesses that want to keep up in today’s competitive market. Just like one size doesn’t fit all clothing, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to CRM solutions. Therefore, companies need a solution that fits their specific process needs – Salesforce Vlocity provides that. With Salesforce Vlocity, you have the power to build custom applications and interfaces tailored to your business needs. This results in more efficient processes and improved customer experiences.

Industries using Salesforce Vlocity

This is a tentative list of industries using Salesforce Vlocity: 

  • Financial Services 

  • Healthcare

  • Consumer Goods 

  • Public Sector 

  • Retail 

  • Manufacturing 

  • Media 

  • Transportation & Hospitality

  • Automotive 

  • Energy & Utilities 

  • Education

  • Philanthropy 

Benefits of Salesforce Vlocity Customization

Enhanced User Experience

Customizable solutions mean that the user experience of different applications and interfaces can be tailored to perfectly match business needs. A personalized user experience fosters loyalty and commitment, which ensures that customers keep coming back. With Salesforce Vlocity, your team can navigate a tailored system with ease and efficiency,  saving time and providing a seamless experience. When you hire Salesforce experts, they can customize the platform and ensure that the teams and customers have an error-free experience. 

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Customization of Salesforce Vlocity is mainly done to improve processes and increase productivity by optimizing workflows and automating repetitive tasks. By automating tasks, businesses are not only free to serve their customers better but can increase their team’s efficiency by focusing more on strategic tasks, leading to an overall increase in the productivity of the workforce.

Scalability and Flexibility

Salesforce Vlocity is scalable and can be extended on-demand to accommodate the needs of fast-growing businesses. Scaling it up requires the configuration of additional modules and integration with other enterprise systems, which ensures that business operations are never interrupted. This nimble approach to customization means a faster time-to-value and lower costs, ensuring complete flexibility when businesses need it most.

Key Features of Salesforce Vlocity

Custom Application Interfaces

Salesforce Vlocity offers drag-and-drop functionality for building custom application interfaces that are tailored to specific business requirements. The drag-and-drop feature enables administrators to create custom solutions without the need for code, which saves businesses money and time on development. This feature is also perfect for businesses that require custom interfaces for their different user profiles, such as sales teams or customers.

Pre-built Industry-Specific Solutions

Salesforce Vlocity offers pre-built industry-specific solutions for rapid implementation. These solutions help save time and money while providing unique, tailored solutions for businesses and their various sectors. The pre-built solutions lighten the load for businesses, creating room for better service delivery and making it easier to reach their goals.

Integrated Omni-Channel Capabilities

Salesforce Vlocity’s third feature is integrated omni-channel capabilities that allow businesses to engage seamlessly with their customers across different channels. With this feature, businesses can communicate with their customers in real time through multiple channels, such as a website, mobile app, or social media. This feature ensures that customers can access businesses from anywhere and at any time, promoting better and more efficient customer experiences.

Use Cases of Salesforce Vlocity

Sales Processes Customization

One of the main uses of Salesforce Vlocity is sales process customization. Often, businesses face challenges when transitioning to more complex products and service models, requiring customized sales processes and workflows. Salesforce Vlocity provides a customizable solution for businesses to create automated, tailored workflows that account for the different sales stages that a sales team typically encounters.

Personalized Customer Service Portals

Salesforce Vlocity also provides an option for businesses to build personalized customer service portals. A personalized customer service portal is a dedicated database where customers can log in and receive help from customer service representatives. This service ensures that customers get their issues resolved on a more personalized level, helping promote customer loyalty and retention.

Custom Mobile Applications for Field Service

Salesforce Vlocity allows businesses to develop custom mobile applications that are designed for field service teams. These apps help field service teams stay connected as they work in the field, enabling them to streamline service processes, access customer data, and deliver exceptional service.

Salesforce Vlocity offers businesses the flexibility, scalability, and customization options needed to streamline operations and efficiently meet customers’ needs. With Vlocity, businesses can create custom solutions that match specific processes and requirements, saving time and scaling for growth. Whether you need to customize your sales process, build personalized customer service portals, or create custom mobile applications, Salesforce Vlocity is an excellent CRM ecosystem that helps businesses achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively. If you want to utilize his solution for your business, you can hire Salesforce experts from Delipat IT, who have experience dealing with specific business cases and solving your unique problem. 

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