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The Story of Delipat Till Now…

May 13, 20249 min read

“Not only are bloggers suckers for the remarkable, so are the people who read blogs.” - By Delipat

Where It All Began

Delipat (formerly known as Visecore) started its journey in 2020 with the mission of delivering tailored Salesforce services to businesses. Being from a small town, we wanted to create more job opportunities for the local candidates. Our humble beginning started with a small office (in the basement) and only a few members. Then the pandemic struck, and like all businesses, we also had to struggle quite a bit. 

Leadership Team 

Our CEO and Founder, Rajesh Chatterjee, is a 7x certified Salesforce expert and has been a phenomenon mentor. Without his vision and perseverance, we would not have achieved all our achievements.   

Development Team- The Engineers 

Then we decided to move our office to Webel IT Park, where our journey to success began. We have grown in size, as more talented and skilled Salesforce developers have joined our team. Today, we have around 30+ certified developers, with people having expertise in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Financial Service Cloud, and CPQ. They have dedicatedly worked on more than 20+ projects for clients across different niches, such as real estate, broadband, customer service, and MLM.  

Marketing Team 

Our marketing joined on April 2023, and it consisted of a vibrant team of graphic designers, content writers, videographers, and SEO experts. The team redesigned the website, created different social media pages, and posted different posts. The goal is to spread awareness about the company on social media and improve the website traffic rate.

Sales Team 

After the marketing team, our sales team is technically responsible for bringing projects and revenue to the company. This team consists of dynamic team members who are proactive and would stay awake day and night to bid on projects online. 


Energy & Utility

Our client is a renowned electricity provider (one of the largest ones in Malaysia). They wanted to opt for a product that would help them see all the case or project-related details and issues. Salesforce, especially Sales Cloud and Service Cloud can be used together to see the results. 

The main problem our client faced was with SLA (Service Level Agreement) management. They faced issues with viewing the response time of each agent and what actions they had taken to solve it. 

The knowledge management process involves the steps involved, from article creation to publishing. We have created a system where an author (a person from a low hierarchy) can send his article to someone from the upper hierarchy (manager, and then technical approver, etc.), for pre-publishing approval. We can create some email/ notification system whenever an article is approved or rejected at any stage of the workflow. We can also define who gets the email or not. 

Through the SLA (Service Level Agreement) console, managers and agents can see for how long the case has been assigned, and what is the response time of an agent. They can also see what actions have been taken by the agent. We have also configured an escalation system which will be activated if a certain criteria/ milestone has not been fulfilled. Aside from that, we have also worked on reports and dashboards for this project. 

Customer Service 

Our client is a brand that deals with providing technology solutions to customers. They wanted to opt for a product that would help them see all sales-related data, which is why we decided to work with Salesforce Sales Cloud. We have to integrate the cloud with 3rd-party solutions, such as Zoltys, and Salesintel.  


Our client is a renowned broadband and cable TV service provider in Malaysia. It provides technologically advanced systems to provide a uniform and smooth customer experience to people residing throughout the nation. Our client had some major concerns regarding their marketing channels and efforts. This organization was worried about increasing its subscriber count and how to enhance its marketing efforts. 

The marketing team wanted to reach out to more people by creating attractive marketing campaigns and targeting. The client wanted to visualize all the data about their subscribers, and how many they have gained, retained, or lost.

So we have worked on the project and worked on requirement-based data segmentation, query the data, and marketing by adding data channel descriptions. We have created a journey builder to track the email clicks and use them for multiple marketing campaigns, content pages, email creation, and automation studio as well. 

Finance (Wealth Management and banking)

Our client is a well-established financial services organization, serving a diverse range of clients, from individual investors to corporate entities. With a focus on personalized financial services, they had built a strong reputation for trust and reliability in the industry. However, they were facing several challenges in their operations and customer engagement.

The institute struggled to provide multiple channels for customer engagement. They could not communicate with clients through modern methods, such as chatbots, website forms, and support emails. Also, the customer onboarding process was time-consuming and prone to errors. New customers often faced delays and frustrations during the application and verification process.

Using Sales and Service Cloud, we have worked on improving the lead and account management system and integrating the CRM with multiple external systems. We have also created custom components for knowledge management, queue management, omnichannel configuration, case routing, and dynamic reports. 


Our client is a renowned provider of banking services and was struggling with the lead conversion process. For this reason, we have decided to work with the Sales Cloud and worked diligently to improve the account, lead, and opportunity management systems. We have integrated the cloud with the bank’s eForm, and AIP systems, and automated the lead assignment process using round-robin algorithms, as well as email notifications.

Non-Profit Organization

We have worked with a non-profit organization to improve their campaign management and donation generation processes. Using the Sales Cloud, we have worked on lead management, lead escalation processes, automation, and the creation of email templates using VisualForce email templates. We have generated donation details pdfs using Visualforce, created dynamic reports, and integrated the platform with Mailchimp. 


Our client is a prominent name in MLM (Multilevel marketing) in Malaysia, serving a wide group of customers in the market. The client wanted to ensure that the customers get an enriching experience while dealing with company services.  

The company wanted to create a service module to have a better understanding of customer inquiries and how to proceed with them. Through this module, they wanted to understand the problems in their service quality, call logs, account creation process, etc.  

We have made some configurations and customizations to the platform in the case assignment and management module. This helped our client manage and assign cases to different agents without any overlapping. The manager can see where the case is raised, when it is raised, the type of concern, and which agent is handling it. This includes a dashboard where all the details of the case are visible to the agent and managers.   

In case routing, managers can see which agents are working, the last assigned status of the agent, and which ones are free. Depending on these data, the case is assigned to the right agent, and no one is overloaded with work.   

Through, case aging, managers can see which cases are listed under New, Assigned, and other sections. Managers can see how long these cases are left unattended and can raise escalation accordingly. The business can set particular milestones for a case agent (suppose, you have to solve this case within 24 hours). If this milestone is not achieved, there will be a breach in the service level agreement, and an email/ notification will be sent regarding escalation.  


This client is one of the prominent names in the education field offering graduate and post-graduate degrees and courses. The university wanted to automate its student onboarding processes and data organization. For this project, we have worked on the sales cloud to automate processes, manipulate data, and help the organization manage the data efficiently. 

Real Estate 

A prominent real estate development company specializing in residential and commercial properties and industrial areas. However, they were facing challenges that included inefficient project management, inadequate lead management, and incomplete customer insights. 

We have created a system where we have different sections for Project Management, Lead Management, and Customer 360. The project management helps the team visualize data on units and their status, such as On Sale, Sold, Developing, Ready for Sale, etc. 

The Lead Management section contains data on the leads captured through different channels, such as website forms, FB, and others. After checking agent status (Last assigned, available) and matching previously set criteria (can be dynamically set), the leads are assigned to the right/ skillful agent.

Here, we have added the rule, “Project Budget” to help prioritize or score the leads and act/ reach out accordingly. 

There is another process in our platform, known as lead aging. Here, managers can see the lead status (New, Assigned, Profiling, Dropoff, KIV (Keep in View), and Converted). 

The drop-off section will show data about leads who are not willing to purchase a property. Keep in View (KIV) shows leads who are interested in purchasing the property but after a certain period (suppose 3 months). The sales agent will be notified one day before so that they can reach out to these people and sell these properties.

The Customer 360 section contains customer data in three subsections, Account (contains minimal data), Contact (contains all the contact information), and Opportunity (contains project details, unit details, etc).  

Our Vision 

As a reliable Salesforce implementation partner, Delipat aims to develop optimized Salesforce solutions tailored for specific businesses. We want to help businesses optimize their business processes and grow with the help of our expertise, innovation, and Salesforce solutions.  

Targets for 2024 

One of our primary targets is to grow its capacity in size, employee numbers, and of course, revenue. We would also want to add more experts to our existing team, with expertise in varied Salesforce products and services. We want to showcase more success stories and build trust among our customers. 

Moreover, we will be taking all the measures to stay updated about the trends and become more diverse in our talent pool. We will increase our efforts in branding and sales, thus ensuring we achieve more in terms of revenue. Lastly, we would want to create an environment that celebrates work-life balance by bringing more fun activities for our team members.  

Our mission and success 

Delipat is dedicated to empowering organizations through tailored B2B Salesforce implementations. As a trusted Salesforce implementation partner, our mission is to leverage our expertise, and innovation to deliver customized, scalable, and future-ready solutions.

Our mission extends beyond the deployment of technology; we aim to be true partners in our clients’ success stories. Through continuous learning, adaptability, and a passion for excellence, we navigate the evolving landscape of Salesforce to ensure our clients stay ahead of the curve.

Our primary focus is to ensure client satisfaction through open communication, requirement analysis, and gathering feedback. Our team will ensure effective project management through proactive issue resolution and reinforcing clients’ trust in our ability.

Here is a stellar review from our client:  

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