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Top Salesforce Products Explained: Salesforce Development Services

May 13, 20244 min read

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Top Salesforce Products Explained: Salesforce Development Services

8 Reasons

Salesforce is a cloud product and a web application. It is a CRM- Customer Relationship Management tool that offers various products on a cloud infrastructure. It offers various

products for business users to assist them in managing their relationships with

their customers. While working with businesses, we as a company providing Salesforce development services, have to work with numerous Salesforce products. Here are some of the products that these companies will offer: 

Salesforce offers a plethora of products that satisfy the needs of various businesses. However, not all businesses require all the products. Based on the business requirement, the business can opt for the product of their choice.

The salesforce products used by the majority of businesses include-

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud

It helps businesses with end-to-end marketing services. Enabling personalized one-on-one communication with customers, the Salesforce marketing cloud helps drive better customer engagement and marketing ROI. The features include Email Marketing, Journey Builder, Audience Segmentation, and Social Media Marketing.

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud

Sales take place as a cycle. Salesforce Sales Cloud takes leads on the sales journey from the lead

creation to customer closure. It assists sales executives in managing leads efficiently. Some of the features of Salesforce Sales Cloud are Contact and Lead Management, Opportunity Management, Sales Analytics and Reporting, email integration, sales automation, and workflow and approval processes. Contact management allows people to centralize and manage customer information, including leads, contacts, and accounts, in a single database. This helps sales teams track and prioritize their interactions with prospects and customers.

Opportunity Management allows people to track and manage sales opportunities through the entire sales cycle, from initial contact to deal closure. Sales Analytics and Reporting provides access to real-time sales data and customizable reports and dashboards to gain insights into your sales performance and identify areas for improvement.

With email integration, you can Integrate with email platforms to track communication with leads and customers. Sales Cloud also offers email templates and automation to streamline outreach.

Through sales automation, you can automate routine sales tasks, such as data entry and follow-up reminders, to increase efficiency and allow sales representatives to focus on selling.

Lastly, with workflow and Approval Processes, you can create custom workflows and approval processes to standardize and streamline sales operations.

  • Salesforce Service Cloud

After sales, a customer might go through a ticketing journey. Salesforce service cloud smoothens the entire ticketing journey for the customer. It also assists businesses in managing the ticketing journey better.

Salesforce is the market leader in providing the best cloud apps and user experience with its Marketing, sales, and service cloud. Apart from these, Salesforce offers- 

  • Salesforce Community Cloud (that helps in creating and managing communities) 

  • Salesforce Analytics Cloud (a Big Data tool that collects customer data)

  • Salesforce Apps Cloud (entire app design in a single ecosystem) 

and many more products that help businesses of all kinds.

How to use Salesforce as an Administrator or Developer?

Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce administrator or admin configures Salesforce CRM according to the needs and requirements of the business. A Salesforce administrator is the one who-

  • Make sure that the business users get the most out of Salesforce technology. 

  • Understands business requirements and configures the Salesforce CRM to meet the business objectives.

  • Maintains the platform and stays updated with the latest releases and new tools and capabilities of Salesforce such that the business can make the most out of it.

  • Makes Salesforce easy to use for users with no technical background.

  • Manages tasks ranging from onboarding users, maintaining data quality, running backups, helping users develop reports, and much more.

Salesforce developer

Salesforce developer customizes the tool by extending the standard features as per business requirements. A Salesforce developer is the one who-

  • Does all the coding, unit testing, building applications, and modifying existing applications in Salesforce. 

  • Develop products or applications using Visualforce and Apex in

  • Work both on mobile and website applications

  • Customize the salesforce environment to suit business needs.

  • Develop, deploy, and test all the business requirements in the Salesforce platform.

The Salesforce administrator and developer combine and configure the Salesforce CRM to meet all the requirements of the business.

To become a Salesforce administrator or developer, you have to understand the basics of Salesforce, how end-users use Salesforce, and how you can configure and customize Salesforce for end users.

Salesforce offers a lot of editions like professional, enterprise, and unlimited. All these editions are paid versions and are used by businesses. But as an admin or developer, you will need a free version to practice and learn Salesforce. Therefore, Salesforce offers a free developer edition. It requires only an email address and provides hands-on practice for Salesforce developers. While working on business requirements and offering Salesforce development services, we have to customize these solutions as per requirements.

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