Campaign Influence is a tool that helps you attribute a percentage of success to influential campaigns. Two versions are available: Campaign Influence 1.0 for Salesforce Classic and Customizable Campaign Influence for Classic and Lightning Experience. The customizable version offers more flexibility in how you assign influence to your marketing activities.

Salesforce Campaign Influence is how Salesforce Opportunities are associated with the Campaigns that helped generate them. It’s all about joining the dots between sales revenue (stored in opportunities) and marketing data (stored in campaigns) – and therefore, is the fundamental connection in measuring Marketing ROI (return on investment).

Customizable Campaign Influence identifies revenue share with standard and custom attribution models that you can update manually or via automated processes. Add Customizable Campaign Influence data in related lists and reports so that your reps can understand which campaigns impact their opportunity pipeline. Influence models scan active campaigns to identify members who are also assigned a contact role on an open opportunity. A model creates a campaign influence record based on that relationship. Influence can be assigned manually on an opportunity record or automatically via Apex triggers or the API. After an opportunity’s stage is closed (won or lost), influence records are no longer created. Campaign Influence considers every campaign member, regardless of their membership status. The Customizable Campaign Influence models rely on the Campaign object, the Opportunity object, and a Campaign Influence junction object. When you enable Customizable Campaign Influence, the standard objects Campaign Influence and CampaignInfluenceModel are added to your org. You can build a report or dashboard for any active influence model.

By delipat