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Coworking Space

May 13, 20242 min read

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Coworking Space

Our client Trendy Tribe has a huge network of co-working spaces with a curated community of like-minded individuals coming together to work, connect, and collaborate, which inspired us. It offers our institutions incredible workspace designs, infectious energy, and an ingenious network for professionals to tap into.


  • The client was thinking of sourcing a better way of engaging and interacting with their customer by enabling self-service capabilities.

  • Implementation of a central repository for staff in order to access customer inquiries

  • Re-platform the legacy of the knowledge management system to utilize new technology and retire older, obsolete products, transition to Salesforce was required.

  • Enabling our customers to self-serve along with question-raising

  • Enabling the ability of specific internal teams in order to process sensitive security information


  • Our company proposed a solution that will not only enable self-service, but also it will leverage their existing Salesforce Service.

  • We provided strong business engagement with our clients in order to ensure that the Salesforce solution had removed the key points for the organization, and this took advantage of the capabilities that were included with Salesforce.

  • Utilizing declarative programming which is as much as possible in order to improve the readability and usability concisely, in order to enhance the user interface, lightning components were used wherever possible.

Benefits/ Results 

  • The solution that was provided increased the processing efficiency and customer engagement through a revamped knowledge platform in order to enhance the user interface

  • In order to cut unnecessary costs, the retirement of obsolete products and a streamlined service was required

  • The large audience segment was engaged through the inclusion of self-serve options and the ability to ask questions

  • Upliftment in staff efficiency occurred by providing an overall customers’ view and their inquiries in one platform

  • To enhance usage frequency and customer experience, we provided a customer-engaging interface platform.

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