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Energy Case Study

May 13, 20243 min read

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Energy Case Study

Sales Cloud and Service Cloud Overview 

Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud are two products that can be used to control all the sales and service-related processes smoothly and efficiently.  When these two products are combined, businesses are likely to gain more revenues and run business smoothly. 

Client Overview 

Our client was a renowned electricity provider (one of the largest ones in Malaysia). They wanted to opt for a product that would help them see all the case or project-related details and issues. Salesforce, especially Sales Cloud and Service Cloud can be used together to see the results. 


The main problem our client faced was with SLA (Service Level Agreement) management. They faced issues with viewing the response time of each agent and what actions they had been taking to solve it. 


Our solution mainly consists of Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. From Service Cloud, you will get these features: 

Knowledge Management: The knowledge management process involves the steps involved, from article creation to publishing. We have created a system where an author (a person from a low hierarchy) can send his article to someone from the upper hierarchy (manager, and then technical approver, etc.), for pre-publishing approval. We can create some email/ notification system whenever an article is approved or rejected at any stage of the workflow. We can also define who gets the email or not. 

Social case management: This system allows businesses to handle all the cases raised by customers through social media platforms. Social case management ensures that the company takes swift action whenever a case is raised.  

Service Console– The console area allows management and service agents with case assignment and management processes. Here the managers can see which agents are working on cases and which are not. 

Auto Archive Articles: Sometimes, an article may become invalid due to new rules, information, or any updates. So what happens to the old article? It gets auto-archived, and it can again be republished if the manager agrees to publish it unchanged, or after making some modifications.  

Einstein Analytics Report: Here, you can create reports alongside the standard reports in Salesforce. Managers can see the login details of each agent, and how long they are working on a particular case.  

New Important Article: Sometimes, a company needs to work on some articles that are categorized according to importance/ If any article is categorized as important, then a different indicator and notification will be sent, and if it is tagged as new and important, then a different blinker will be set.  

SLA (Service Level Agreement) Management: Through this portal, managers and agents can see for how long the case has been assigned, and what is the response time of an agent. They can also see what actions have been taken by the agent. We have also configured an escalation system which will be activated if a certain criteria/ milestone has not been fulfilled.   

Milestone Tracker: The milestone tracker system can be used to check if all the milestones are completed or not. 

Case Age Calculator: This system shows the age of a case, when it has been assigned, and what its status is in a certain state.  

Email Management: This is a part of knowledge management where the email/ notification setup is configured, whenever a new action has been taken. 

Customer 360: The portal offers complete information on the customer/ case, including data such as Case, Account, Contact Account, validation rules, or match rules. 

Real-time count: Through algorithm and coding, we have created a real-time counter for this project as well.   

The Contact Record Search Tool is an integral Sales Cloud feature, along with Einstein AI. Using LWC, we have created a system where the agent can see details of a customer by putting in a particular object, such as a Phone number.  

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