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Enhancing Healthcare with Salesforce

May 13, 20242 min read

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Enhancing Healthcare with Salesforce

In the healthcare industry, managing patient care amidst complex challenges is crucial. Salesforce offers a game-changing solution. This case study delves into how Salesforce transforms healthcare by enhancing patient management, optimizing processes, and enabling data-driven decisions.

Client Profile 

It is the largest manufacturer of optical systems and industrial measurement and medical devices, founded in India. They intended to build a base for modern optics and manufacturing together with other companies.

Challenges in Healthcare

The company was facing the following challenges in its day-to-day operations: 

➢ The clients were required to migrate to Salesforce to have a solution to cope with their increasing volume of website call requests and not for any profit instance.

➢ The current Salesforce solution was not fit for the purpose they required. Therefore, there was a requirement for a new not-for-profit instance of Salesforce Solutions.

➢ The increasing number of call requests from their website increased the unmanageable level for their sales staff to call, and volume was predicted to grow exponentially.


Here is our solution: 

➢ We worked with our client to develop a collaborative engagement where a local team is working together with the client to deliver a solution using Salesforce.

➢ On-time delivery of a configured Salesforce not for any profit instance

➢ The existing Salesforce solution is migrated onto the new, not-for-any-profit instance

➢ Migration of content from legacy marketing automation systems and delivery of marketing solutions.

➢ Automated lead nurture journey via CRM

➢ Contract generation and integration to lead formation for Salesforce


The solution that was delivered was a fully functioning Salesforce solution, fit for purpose, with integration into a Marketing solution

➢ Using a collaborative team approach, the local team worked onsite to align with client goals and how their company preferred to engage with providers.

➢ The new and advanced Salesforce solution was aligned with business processes, and its transition to lightning gave the sales team renewed engagement with Salesforce.

➢ New leads were generated and formed from their website with the automated nurture journeys.

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