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Enhancing Retail Operations with Salesforce

May 13, 20242 min read

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Enhancing Retail Operations with Salesforce

The retail industry is undergoing rapid transformations due to technological advancements and changing consumer expectations. Our client ChiQ Boutique has to address challenges such as personalized experiences, multi-channel communication, and real-time insights. Salesforce, a leading CRM platform, offers solutions to these challenges. This case study explores how a retail client leveraged Salesforce to enhance customer engagement, optimize operations, and gain a competitive edge.

Client Profile 

ChiQ Boutique is one of India’s largest retail-based companies with its primary area focus is providing furniture and decor-based products. The company desperately needed a centralized CRM platform to have a comprehensive view of customers and offer personalized services to customers. They need a company that can deliver quality CRM implementation at an affordable budget and within a stipulated time. 

Challenges in Retail Operations

The company was facing the following challenges in its day-to-day operations: 

➢ The client required us to create a central repository for customers and leads intended to provide visibility of all customers, being managed between multiple business units.

➢ Creation of frictionless communication tools to take customer communications from a blend of emails and facilitate sharing of IP across the business units.

➢ Creation of a single view of information to streamline and measure sales

➢ Providing a collaboration tool for their teams to share different ideas, wins, and opportunities

➢ Uplifting the process for the sales team to work with the branding teams


Here is our solution: 

➢ Over a while, we used an agile approach to deliver on two key themes: one is the remediation of the existing Salesforce platform, and the other is the creation of the retail CRM solution.

➢ As several different suppliers had conducted changes on the existing Salesforce platform, approaching the first key theme which is its remediation, was necessary.

➢ We committed to providing quality means to bring the code back up to standard and then establish an acceptable level of controls and procedures over environments.

➢ Our agile team comprised a blend of onshore and offshore team members to deliver the functionality for retail CRM, and we have also included Salesforce Sales Cloud for customer data and lead management. Next, we have added Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud to offer enhanced services for customer engagement. 


The retail company got all info in one place, along with proactive customer service.

➢ Easy data management and on-time delivery of instant insights and recommendations

➢ For the home pages, different Salesforce dashboards for different profiles, and also visibility into inventory and sales trends 

➢ Integration of the best CRM solution for calendar access

➢ With fewer email and phone queries, it intelligently captured customer emails and communications

➢ Simplification of repetitive tasks and improved collaboration between departments

➢ It supported business community planning, and improved customer engagement

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