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Real Estate Case Study

May 13, 20243 min read

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Real Estate Case Study

Client Overview 

A prominent real estate development company specializing in residential and commercial properties and industrial areas. With a portfolio spanning multiple cities, they were facing several operational challenges. These challenges included inefficient project management, inadequate lead management, and incomplete customer insights. The client sought to streamline their processes, enhance lead conversion rates, and gain a 360-degree view of their customers.


The first challenge that the company faced was project management, they lacked information on all the residential and commercial units, whether they were ready for sale, developing, or already sold. The second challenge they faced was lead management, they could not evenly distribute leads among their sales team. Some agents were burdened with a lot of leads, whereas some did not get any leads. The company lacked information on the status of the lead, and there was no escalation rule to send notifications to managers. 

There was no centralized repository to store customer information to make the right decisions. Their previous reporting system needed to be improved, and they needed to upgrade that too for better decision-making.

Our Solution 

We have created a system where we have different sections for Project Management, Lead Management, and Customer 360. The project management helps the team visualize data on units and their status, such as On Sale, Sold, Developing, Ready for Sale, etc. Once a customer has paid for a unit, then it will be locked and not available for sale.

The Lead Management section contains data on the leads captured through different channels, such as website forms, FB, and others. The leads are assigned to sales executives based on the round-robin rule. After checking agent status (Last assigned, available) and matching previously set criteria (can be dynamically set), the leads are assigned to the right/ skillful agent.

Here, we have added the rule, “Project Budget” to help prioritize or score the leads and act/ reach out accordingly. 

There is another process in our platform, known as lead aging. Here, managers can see the lead status (New, Assigned, Profiling, Dropoff, KIV (Keep in View), and Converted). The fresh leads will be listed as New, and after lead assignment, it will be visible under assigned. The profiling section will show if an agent has reached out to the lead or not. If the lead is left unattended for some time (suppose 4 hours), then the manager will receive an email notifying them, as per the escalation rule set within the platform. 

The drop-off section will show data about leads who are not willing to purchase a property. Keep in View (KIV) shows leads who are interested in purchasing the property but after a certain period (suppose 3 months). The sales agent will be notified one day before so that they can reach out to these people and sell these properties.

The Customer 360 section contains customer data in three subsections, Account (contains minimal data), Contact (contains all the contact information), and Opportunity (contains project details, unit details, etc).  

With Salesforce, IJM Land can leverage a diverse range of reports and dashboards to enhance its operations. These tools provide critical insights into lead management, sales performance, property inventory, agent effectiveness, and customer engagement. Whether monitoring lead conversion rates, evaluating property development progress, or analyzing customer satisfaction, Salesforce allows for the creation of tailored reports and dashboards that empower real estate professionals to make data-driven decisions and achieve greater efficiency and success in a highly competitive industry.

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