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Service Cloud/ MLM (Multi-level Marketing) Case Study

May 13, 20242 min read

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Service Cloud/ MLM (Multi-level Marketing) Case Study

Salesforce Service Cloud Overview

Salesforce Service Cloud allows businesses to deal with customers, their inquiries, or cases in general. It mainly contains features to help agents with case management via different channels, such as email, website, phone, or something else. 

Client Overview

Our client is a prominent name in MLM (Multilevel marketing) in Malaysia, serving a wide group of customers in the market. The client wanted to ensure that the customers get an enriching experience while dealing with company services.  


The company wanted to create a service module to have a better understanding of customer inquiries and how to proceed with them. Through this module, they wanted to understand the problems in their service quality, call logs, account creation process, etc.  


We have customized the Salesforce Service Cloud to fit the requirements of our client, which included the following features: 

Case Assignment and Management 

In this module, we have made some configurations and customizations to the platform. This helped our client manage and assign cases to different agents without any overlapping. The manager can see where the case is raised, when it is raised, the type of concern, and which agent is handling it. This includes a dashboard where all the details of the case are visible to the agent and managers.   

Case Routing:

In this method, managers can see which agents are working, the last assigned status of the agent, and which ones are free. Depending on these data, the case is assigned to the right agent, and no one is overloaded with work.   

Case Aging: 

Here, managers can see which cases are listed under New, Assigned, and other sections. Managers can see how long these cases are left unattended and can raise escalation accordingly.  


Here, we can set particular milestones for a case agent (suppose, you have to solve this case within 24 hours). If this milestone is not achieved, then there will be a breach in the service level agreement, and an email/ notification will be sent regarding escalation.  

Reports and Dashboards 

Here, managers can generate reports to visualize how the cases are being handled, which agents are the most active, and which cases/ agents might need further assistance/ action plans.  

Salesforce Service Cloud is a comprehensive customer service platform that empowers businesses to deliver exceptional service experiences. It enables organizations to streamline customer support processes, resolve issues efficiently, and enhance customer satisfaction by providing a unified view of customer interactions across multiple channels. With features like case management, knowledge base, and intelligent automation, Salesforce Service Cloud transforms customer service into a strategic asset for businesses.

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