Salesforce Data Migration Service

When a business switches from a legacy system to Salesforce, it has to migrate a huge volume of data. It can be a tedious task, especially if it is left to an in-house team with limited resources. This is where our Salesforce data migration service can help, by ensuring your business faces minimum disruptions while migrating the data. We also stress the importance of maintaining the safety and security of business data

Data migration requires multiple processes and methodologies and can take a lot of time. Our team of dedicated experts will ensure that the process goes without a hitch and that you can run the business as usual. We will ensure that there is no duplication and errors in data during migration.

How do we solve data migration issues?

Inadequate knowledge of data

We consult with the stakeholders who are familiar with the

Importing Small Amounts of Data

We start by prepping the data in small amounts, migrating


We always test the data through a developer console and

Data Mapping

We take special care to check which data fields are

Salesforce Data Migration Process From Other CRM

Sometimes, businesses might use other CRM platforms to store and analyze data. But they might face some issues while doing that. So, they may decide to switch to Salesforce, another powerful and collaborative CRM.

Salesforce data migration from another CRM is a critical process that requires careful planning and execution. Assessing the current CRM, defining a migration strategy, and preparing the data for transfer are essential steps in this process. By mapping data fields, performing data cleansing and transformation, and selecting the appropriate migration method, businesses can ensure a seamless transition.

Importing the data into Salesforce, validating its accuracy, and conducting post-migration tasks such as data verification and user training is crucial for a successful migration. Monitoring data performance in Salesforce post-migration is also important to address any issues promptly. With proper planning and attention to detail, organizations can effectively migrate their data from another CRM to Salesforce, enabling them to leverage the full power of the platform for improved customer relationship management and business growth.

Data Migration from Different Org

Our team of Salesforce experts can migrate data from the classic Salesforce org to the newest version/ edition of Salesforce org. Through our Salesforce data migration services, we would ensure that the imported data and objects follow the order to maintain record relationships.

Our Salesforce Data Migration Process

When evaluating a Salesforce service provider, you may want to consider the following aspects:

Step 1

Data Planning

Before embarking on a Salesforce data migration journey, thorough data planning is essential. This involves assessing the data landscape, understanding the business requirements, and identifying the scope of the migration project. Define the objectives, timeline, and resources needed for a successful migration.

Step 2

Data Selection

Once the data planning phase is complete, it's time to select the data to be migrated. Evaluate the existing data and determine what needs to be transferred to the new Salesforce environment. Identify the critical data objects, fields, and records that are essential for ongoing operations. Prioritize the data based on its significance and relevance to the business processes.

Step 3

Data Mapping

Data mapping is a crucial step in Salesforce data migration. It involves aligning the data fields and structures from the source system to the corresponding fields in Salesforce. Map the data accurately to ensure that the information is transferred seamlessly without any loss or misinterpretation. Pay attention to field types, relationships, and any data transformations required during the mapping process.

Step 4

Data Migration

The actual data migration phase involves moving the selected and mapped data into Salesforce. Utilize appropriate tools like Salesforce Data Import Wizard, Data Loader, or third-party integration solutions to facilitate the migration process. Follow the recommended guidelines and ensure that the data is transferred accurately and efficiently. Monitor the migration process closely to identify and address any errors or data discrepancies that may arise.

Step 5

Quality Assurance

To maintain data integrity, perform rigorous quality assurance checks throughout the migration process. Validate the migrated data against the source system to ensure its accuracy and completeness. Conduct data validation tests, compare records, and verify data relationships to confirm that the migrated data meets the expected quality standards. Address any data inconsistencies promptly to prevent future issues.

Step 6

Data Integrity

Data integrity is crucial in Salesforce data migration. Ensure that the data maintains its integrity throughout the migration process. Implement data validation rules, enforce data governance practices, and leverage data cleansing techniques to eliminate duplicates, standardize formats, and enhance overall data quality. Regularly monitor data integrity post-migration and address any anomalies or issues that arise.

As a Salesforce managed service provider, we check all the points mentioned above. We help businesses with a comprehensive solution for effectively managing and optimizing their Salesforce platform. By partnering with a team of Salesforce experts like us, you can leverage our ongoing support, administration, and maintenance, ensuring that your Salesforce instance remains secure, efficient, and aligned with evolving business needs.

Why Choose Us for Salesforce Data Migration Services?

  • We have a team of Salesforce data migration specialists with vast expertise
  • All the members of our team are Salesforce certified, and they will collaborate with you to bring innovative solutions.
  • You are facing issues with user adoption
  • We have worked on several data migration projects and can provide ongoing support and maintenance