As the name suggests it is the engagement of customers across different channels like Facebook, SMS, WhatsApp, WebChat over #1 CRM platform. Salesforce Digital Engagement can connect your customers across the globe through different messaging channels and let your agents talk with multiple clients by a chat window.

Digital Engagement is a must-have in today’s world and ensures that service centres can support customers using different Social media channels like Facebook, SMS, WhatsApp, WebChat. it’s can be used in service based companies as well as it can also be applied for sales capturing. 

Advantages: Find below the advantages of Salesforce Digital Engagement

  • Digital Engagement Salesforce provides better connectivity with customers across multiple Social Media Channels.
  • Digital Engagement Salesforce ensures 24*7 availability with a seamless service experience.
  • Einstein Bots could be deployed to tackle the complaints on a go before routing to live agents.
  • Digital Engagement Salesforce facilitates the assignment of the chats on the basis of skills or the availability of the agent with the help of Omni Channel routing and presence configurations.
  • All the chats coming from multiple platforms can be received on a single widget. Also, you could supervise the workload on each agent

Disadvantage: Salesforce Digital Engagement is not free of cost. It cost $ 75 USD/user/month.

Understand on the basis of user story: Once the channel is authenticated and well set up, it gets all the upcoming chats into the queues and assigns it to the agents based upon the Omni Channel configurations. Once the message is accepted by an agent it reflects in the My Work tab of the agent. A new messaging user is created for the unique sender and a new session is created each time a chat is initiated which is linked with the existing messaging user.All the messaging transcripts can be seen associated as the Messaging Session on the Messaging User records. Lead/Opportunity/Contact could be associated with the Messaging User to keep the information

By delipat